Laura Hope

As we gear up this year toward Guided Pathways implementation, we are so excited to announce the launch of the Vision Resource Center. The Vision Resource Center provides an interactive portal to learning experience and communities that we hope will grow over time in order to support and sustain the necessary collaborative environment for college professionals to share practices and ideas.  More than a repository, the platform allows for curated communities on topics to be developed, and we see the Center as part of a continuum of learning that can greatly enhance the connectivity often experienced at a professional development event but then quickly dissipates.

One of the first experiences that we want to publicize is the “Introduction to Guided Pathways” course.  Once a user creates a log-in, under the “Learning” tab in the top left-hand corner, go to “Search Training” from the drop-down.  Once in the next window, choose “Guided Pathways” on the left menu to find the course.  This course should take any participant through a guided learning experience introduces the fundamentals of guided pathways and features videos of Rob Johnstone, national guided pathways expert. This module allows everyone in the college the chance to learn about the basics from the convenience of a laptop or desktop.

We hope that people will not only explore the course but also provide feedback so that we can continue to refine it for continued use.  Look for additional courses on English/math acceleration, Reading Apprenticeship, diversity hiring and Non-credit fundamentals. This is an exciting opportunity to create limitless learning options. Log in today and start to look around at the potential!

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April 23, 2019

Regional coordinators throughout the state provide local support for colleges and districts in their Guided Pathways implementation. Eighteen regional coordinators, divided into seven regions, help foster regional collaboration and serve […]