Laura Hope

So it begins….The beginning of the fall semester is upon us.  During the frenzy of getting the colleges ready for students, I hope thoughts about Guided Pathways are also near—thoughts about how the start of the semester might change under a Guided Pathways framework, perhaps?  Or perhaps questions about what to expect from the design and implementation process that most of us will be engaging this year. To help set the stage, I wanted to give a preview of some of the things we have cooking at the Chancellor’s Office to support your work.  First, the regional strategy is being built!  We are in the process of interviewing potential regional coordinators, and we hope to have a team on board in September, so look for an announcement of folks we have selected to help keep the momentum going within your regions. Next, we are almost ready to unveil a new virtual community that will provide a platform for learning “communities” on various topics, find materials and engage online learning modules.  It’s going to be amazing!  Finally, we are starting to schedule events in service of Guided Pathways inquiry, design and implementation.  Our first workshop will be offered on September 10, 2018.  Click here for information on the workshop focused on accelerating design. Look for a full yearlong calendar of events so that you can plan to attend the events that will most amplify current efforts.

What's New
April 23, 2019

Regional coordinators throughout the state provide local support for colleges and districts in their Guided Pathways implementation. Eighteen regional coordinators, divided into seven regions, help foster regional collaboration and serve […]