Laura Hope

As we conclude this academic year, our first year focused on Guided Pathways (GP) as a System, we are also gearing up for next year as we get down to business on inquiry, design, and implementation. Meanwhile, the education campaign around the fundamentals of GP will continue. Some colleges have been actively engaging in the learning about GP. Coastline College created an amazingly creative video debunking the myths around GP. GP Connect will be a forum for sharing methods, tools, and activities supporting GP development, and I hope that you will share your experiences at so that we can highlight your efforts. To see Coastline’s creative and engaging video about the myths of GP, please use this link. Many thanks to Dean Aaron Zentner and Dean Shelly Blair at Coastline for sharing this with me. I hope it gives you a giggle and some ideas about how to engage your own campus.

What's New
April 23, 2019

Regional coordinators throughout the state provide local support for colleges and districts in their Guided Pathways implementation. Eighteen regional coordinators, divided into seven regions, help foster regional collaboration and serve […]