Laura Hope

The first ever Reading Circle event dedicated to the multi-year work plans was conducted on April 27th in Costa Mesa, California. The idea came from a brainstorm within the Guided Pathways Advisory Committee, and the event was dedicated to providing the space and time for colleges to view the plans from their regions and learn about what their neighbors are prioritizing and how they plan to implement Guided Pathways.

Regional teams collaborated to find common themes within regions and across the state. Some of those themes included embedded counseling, using technology, data coaching, and reforming basic skills. The multi-year work plans can be updated any time and should reflect the evolving needs of the colleges to continually consider the best ways to approach guided pathways locally. Look forward for more opportunities for peer learning and building a community of practice.

What's New
April 23, 2019

Regional coordinators throughout the state provide local support for colleges and districts in their Guided Pathways implementation. Eighteen regional coordinators, divided into seven regions, help foster regional collaboration and serve […]