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Introducing GP Connect… Your Monthly Guided Pathways Leadership Connection

Things are buzzing when it comes to Guided Pathways in California. But in order to take the movement from buzzword to basis for institutional change, we’re going to need to stay connected – from Southwestern College to College of the Siskiyous, and every college in between.

Due to its unique size and diversity, California is at a disadvantage when it comes to ease of cross-institutional communication. The payoff of these traits is the enormous volume of combined wisdom contained within our system, once we commit to accessing it.

California Guided Pathways is already designed with a grassroots philosophy, aimed at leveraging the broad base of knowledge and experience latent in the California Community Colleges. But we also need to be aware of what our colleagues are doing in the field, day-to-day. In that spirit of institutional connectedness, we are proud to present GP Connect.

GP Connect is a monthly e-newsletter and online hub, gathering the latest in news and announcements from the statewide Guided Pathways framework. Through GP Connect, the Chancellor’s Office will be sharing monthly profiles of the colleges and professionals breaking new ground in American higher education, through their work in implementing Guided Pathways.

Even more importantly, we hope GP Connect will serve as a way to network with the professionals leading the charge for improved student success outcomes in our state. Go ahead — let us know what kind of information you’d like to see in this space! The Chancellor’s Office will be accepting suggestions for newsletter content on an ongoing basis.

In this inaugural February edition, we profile the efforts of the Central Valley’s 14 colleges, as they attempt to connect improved student outcomes to the region’s unique workforce needs.  We also spotlight a new research report, published by the Career Ladders Project, which addresses the crucial need for student voices at all stages of Guided Pathways implementation.

Additionally, GP Connect will feature a recurring list of upcoming Guided Pathways activities. In this edition, you’ll find an in-depth look at the workshops scheduled for February and early March.

Things are moving fast in California, and to say there are a lot of moving parts is an understatement. We know how hard our California community college professionals are working to self-assess, plan and implement their Guided Pathways futures, and we appreciate this opportunity to connect on a monthly basis.

Again, let us know what we can do to make GP Connect better!

For more information, resources, tips and tools, visit the California Community Colleges Guided Pathways website at

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