College of Marin Takes Professional Development to a New Level

California community colleges are turning to the Vision Resource Center to enhance their learning, connect with colleagues, and organize their professional development. For schools like College of Marin, it’s been a game-changer.

“The implementation of Cornerstone and connection to the Vision Resource Center has helped take our professional learning program to a whole new level,” says Beth Patel, professional development faculty facilitator at College of Marin. “We have propelled ourselves into the stratosphere. [There’s] so much information, and it gives us so much more credibility.

“I am thrilled beyond belief.”

Cornerstone OnDemand, the platform supporting the Vision Resource Center, provides structure for online modules in training, recruiting, performance and resource management. It connects individuals, institutions and systems with professional development resources, including tools for flex-hours, calendar management, content sharing, and facilitating connections to learning opportunities throughout the system.

Patel describes the platform as intuitive and customizable. Institutions like College of Marin can develop unique landing pages and portals, publish custom content, and even choose to re-brand the interface to conform with college standards. At College of Marin, the portal goes by the name ProLearning.

“[We’re] able to personalize it for our faculty and staff; to use it to have a calendar of off-campus workshops and activities,” says Patel.

At College of Marin, the platform is being used not only to plug in to the vast network of California Guided Pathways professionals through the Vision Resource Center, but also to organize internal professional development processes. These processes, such as flex time and legislative training, go hand-in-hand with the goals of the Vision for Success, according to Patel. For example, the new AB 705 legislation, which requires colleges to approach assessment and placement more broadly, presented a unique training and tracking challenge, which the Cornerstone OnDemand platform helped conquer.

“With AB 705, it’s how best to get our students in the right class, and handle classes within a certain timeframe,” says Patel. “Training’s going to be really important because we need [to be] better prepared for dealing with students in our classroom.”

With the technological integration of Cornerstone OnDemand complete, Patel and College of Marin are using the platform to explore wider opportunities to connect with system colleagues on topics related to the Vision for Success. Through statewide communities in the Vision Resource Center, colleges can share and adapt system-wide expertise. With conversation facilitated by experts, Patel and her colleagues can instantly open lines of communication with institutions from Eureka to San Diego.

“It has been very helpful to get to see what other colleges are doing and to be able to seek answers to questions I know many of us have,” says Kelly Falcone, professional development coordinator at Palomar College.  

Patel agrees.

“The next step is really encouraging people to take advantage of the communities that are offered… we can go beyond the College of Marin.”

The Center will be having a 90-minute webinar to discuss the integration process on the dates and times below.

  • Friday May 10th, 10:00 am
  • Monday May 13th, 11:00 am
  • Tuesday, June 11th, 11:00 am

If your college is interested in attending the webinar on one of the days, please email the Vision Resource Center integration team at

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